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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO Offers Premier Cleanup and Restoration Services to Our Little Rock Neighbors

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

small plastic model house with a tree leaning against it signifying damage SERVPRO Proudly Cleans Up and Restores Damaged Homes in the Little Rock Area--Why Not Go with a Premier Company for Help?

Commitment to the Little Rock Community and Restoration Best Practices Are Why SERVPRO Delivers Success

Reliability and highly-qualified mitigation and remediation managers and technicians are some of the reasons why Little Rock residents and businesses rely on our experience and our trained and certified mitigation and remediation crews. Unlike itinerant contractors who travel from disaster to disaster without a local connection, our roots go deep in the community. We are here for you today and plan to be a resource for you and other residents and businesses far into the future.

Water Damage

Responding effectively and efficiently to water losses in Little Rock requires commitment. We pledge to provide our customers with state of the art equipment and the trained workforce to operate them skillfully. Our crews arrive at your location swiftly, not merely to deliver outstanding customer service but because the nature of water damage recovery demands it. Water damage cannot wait, why our local presence is vital. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Despite daily use by individuals and businesses for drinking, cooking, cleaning, cooling machinery, and much more, water damage in Little Rock is a significant problem. Water is corrosive, wearing down and deteriorating many kinds of building materials used in conventional construction when unconfined. Plumbing leaks, appliance breakage, spills, and flash flooding are just some of the crises to which we lend aid. Our vast experience in the mitigation and remediation industry is why SERVPRO crews are in demand.

We focus first on a thorough extraction of standing water. Our commercial-grade extractors and pumps make short work of even significant quantities of water. Our team categorizes the fluids removed by assessing for contaminants, always vigilant to protect our customers from the harm presented by pathogens, chemicals, and fungi. Flooding and sewer backups are treated with great care, the water contained and disposed of as hazardous waste per local regulations.

Once all the water exits, we use our knowledge of the science of drying to dry out spaces after water damage thoroughly. Proficiency in manipulating the balance among the following psychrometric conditions, shortened to “HAT,” is why SERVPRO can return your property to preloss condition:

?    H – Humidity
?    A – Airflow
?    T – Temperature

Fire Damage

Any disaster recovery job in Little Rock needs the professionals involved to follow safety protocols. Fire residues are incredibly toxic, containing carcinogens, tars, chemicals, and volatile gasses. Our team of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians uses a range of strategies to keep themselves and your family safe during a fire loss project. In consultation with your insurance company and you, we determine whether a full move out to temporary lodgings is essential for the occupants of your dwelling.

If SERVPRO gets the go-ahead to contain the fire damage work area so you can continue to reside in the house during the job, we need to keep you and your loved ones safe. A containment area is designated, and we use heavy-duty plastic to define its perimeters. Air scrubbing equipment helps seal the edges with negative air pressure, venting the contaminated air through HEPA filters and out of the structure.

Our technicians construct a system with a series of enclosures so that we leave the soot and other residues inside after we exit the worksite through the cleanroom configuration. We wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for our own safety and to prevent any drift or tracking of hazardous fire residues into your clean living spaces. The SERVPRO team is highly-qualified to manage this complicated scenario. Allowing you to continue living at your home lessens the disruption and prevents escalation of out of pocket expenses for our customers at this stressful time.

Mold Remediation

Mold growth outbreaks are frustrating and can expose susceptible individuals in your Little Rock household to allergic reactions and irritation. Molds find organic surfaces upon which to grow, including many conventional construction materials. If left to multiply unchecked, colonies can weaken structures. Household mold strains need only water and oxygen to grow, meaning they can rapidly create huge colonies hidden from view in building cavities.

Frequently the first sign of mold damage in Little Rock is an unpleasant, musty smell. Because the fungi can be trapped between walls or above a ceiling identifying the source of the smell is daunting. Our years of experience in mold remediation helps us locate the mold growth, why SERVPRO is a great resource for residents fearing a microbial outbreak.

Although we can bring in mold testing experts, our crew leads and project managers are familiar with where to take a look for mold damage. Where our moisture detection devices or thermal imaging cameras spot higher than normal levels or temperature disparities are great places to investigate. Controlled demolition techniques are familiar to our crews, why SERVPRO can access the mold problems in a systematic and less disruptive way.

We follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when assessing, planning, and implementing mold remediation. Containment is vital, preventing moldy debris from drifting elsewhere to start the cycle again. Air scrubbers help exhaust contaminants to the outside and seal plastic barriers around the worksite. Scraping and brushing remove mold from solid surfaces, but porous materials also show good results when we add slightly abrasive techniques like soda blasting or dry ice pellet blasting, depending on the circumstances and environment. We offer controlled demolition of mold-contaminated building materials and contents that are non-salvageable.

Storm Damage

When your Little Rock home is in the path of severe storm activity, an almost endless array of harm can befall. Lightning strikes cause fires, while strong winds rip roofs off and send debris into the siding, creating holes for the elements to invade. Torrential rains or other forms of precipitation complicate the situation, flowing inside your house from top to bottom. Overwhelmed storm drains force sewage to back up, and flash flooding or saturated ground permit contaminated water inside crawl spaces, foundations, and basements.

Little Rock storm damage requires a full-service disaster response, why SERVPRO commits to our investment in well-trained technicians and state of the art mitigation and remediation equipment. We can call on other members of our nationwide network if our community needs us to scale up our response. You can rely on us to prioritize your needs at this difficult time.

Because we are competent and confident in our ability to respond to all disasters, we save you the need to line up different contractors for different projects. Everything from securing the scene to packing out contents to remediation for water, fire, mold, and more are covered. We are a local firm, with an unshakable commitment to this community, dedicated to returning your home to preloss condition after storm damage, "Like it never even happened."

Call on SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village for all your disaster mitigation and remediation needs. One call to (501) 217-8723 sets our highly-qualified team in motion, ready to manage your loss with professionalism and compassion.

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