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How Can Restoration Technicians Fix My Water-Damaged Basement Drywall?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

A man drilling something into drywall. SERVPRO has you covered Cammack Village.

SERVPRO Professional Provide Water Restoration Services for Cammack Village Homes

Basements are one of the most vulnerable areas in the home for water damage. An estimated 98% of basements encounter this type of disaster in some form during their existence. While Cammack Village homeowners can take a variety of measures to minimize damage, unforeseen circumstances like pipe leaks or appliance failures can lead to structural damage in your home.

If your Cammack Village property requires water restoration services to protect your structure and its contents, SERVPRO offers emergency-response mitigation and restoration services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only does this approach prevent further damage, but it can also restore your property to a preloss state more quickly and easily.

What Signs Could Indicate That My Home Has a Basement Pipe Leak?

  • Check for peeling paint. Peeling, bubbling, or stained paint on your basement walls is a very easy-to-spot sign of water damage that can be caught early. Check the cement under the paint for signs of the following:
    • Flaking cement underneath the paint, also known as spalling;
    • White, powdery salt deposits on your home’s foundation, also known as efflorescence. 

Detecting these signs as early as possible can prevent costly structural damage to your Cammack Village home.

  • Look for cracks. These cracks can appear in walls, floors, or even the foundation of your home, and are typically indicative of water putting pressure on your home’s structure in some way. Small cracks are unlikely to cause much damage on their own. Do call in a professional, however, if cracks grow wider than 1/16” across, especially if you notice your walls are shifting.
  • Musty odors and mold. Have you tried to remove smells from your basement to no avail? They may be caused by mold, which is typically allowed to proliferate by the presence of water damage. SERVPRO technicians can remediate mold while mitigating the water damage that enables it to grow. If your basement is noticeably more humid than usual or develops an unusual smell that does not disappear with cleaning, dehumidification, or ventilation, have an expert assess the situation as soon as possible.

What Can I Use to Detect and Prevent Pipe Leak Water Damage?

Cammack Village homeowners, whether they are first-time buyers or have not encountered plumbing issues in a long time, may not always be sure how to tackle a plumbing issue on their property. Below are some tips for stopping damage from internal plumbing leaks before they can create further damage. When in doubt, consult licensed professionals like your local plumber or the restoration techs at SERVPRO.

  • Use your home’s water shutoff valve. When in doubt, shut off the water main. If you are unsure where yours is, contact your utility provider for guidance on finding the shutoff valve. The water can easily be turned back on later.
  • Implement shutoff valves for specific appliances. This tactic is useful for keeping the water on while performing repairs specific to certain fixtures that are more likely to cause water damage, like sinks, washing machines, and toilets. A quarter-turn, ball-type valve is available for less than $10 at your local hardware store. A licensed plumber can install this for you at a rate between $50 and $150 per hour. Expect a minimum charge of two hours for this installation.
  • Insulate your pipes. Insulated plumbing prevents damage from frozen pipes and allows you to access hot water even faster. Pipe insulation is cost-effective at an average of only 35 cents per foot of tubing. Vulnerable areas in your home include basements, crawlspace, and garages.
  • Consider installing a flow sensor. This device can detect plumbing leaks and reacts to them by automatically shutting off the main water supply or that of an affected appliance. The latter typically costs around $75, while the former can cost several thousand dollars before adding in labor costs for installation.

How Can SERVPRO Mitigate Water-Damaged Basement Drywall and Odors?

With water damage comes staining, odors, and potential microbial growth, and SERVPRO technicians receive training to remediate all of these with an arsenal of industrial-grade, EPA-registered biocides. Drywall that is warped, swollen, and crumbling is often more cost-effective to replace than repair. However, for light damages, small holes or cutouts can be made in drywall to facilitate ventilation during the structural drying process.

Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) can combat widespread water damage odors in your basement with ultra-low volume fogging, which penetrates surfaces with a water- or solvent-based deodorizer to eliminate lingering smells from your basement. These deodorizers can work in tandem with other odor control solutions, such as sanitation with EPA-approved antimicrobials or trays of scented granules placed near ventilation intakes.

SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village can ensure that homes affected by disaster look, “Like it never even happened.” Call (501) 217-8723 for rapid-response mitigation and restoration services.

Do I Have to Dispose of My Mattress After a Fire in Little Rock?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

kitchen burnt in fire Get the cleanup started as soon as possible after fire damage in your home.

SERVPRO technicians inspect each item in Little Rock homes to determine the restoration prospects through their advanced cleaning methods

After a fire in your Little Rock bedroom, everything can look like it needs to get tossed. However, SERVPRO techs can inspect every piece in the room to determine the actual restoration factor. Mattresses and box springs may have the potential for reuse if:
    •    There are no signs of charring or heat damage
    •    The exterior can get cleaned using foam cleaning agents  
    •    The smoke residues present were light
    •    If your mattress was manufactured after 2012 so it meets current standards for flame retardant levels

What Items Can I Keep From My Bedroom After Fire Damage?
When fire damage sweeps through your Little Rock bedroom, there can be many items that are salvageable through the cleaning methods utilized by SERVPRO techs.

Mattresses and box springs with light smoke damage often respond well to the foam cleaning agents used by the techs, which saves homeowners the cost of replacement as long as the wood furnishings in the room do not have joint damage from heat or water. They can often get cleaned through the use of wood soaps and cleaners to lift off smoke residues. In some cases, the piece may require refinishing.

Bedding and window treatments fabrics that can handle contact with water without bleeding or shrinkage are often candidates for restoration through the use of the Esporta Washing System. This powerful machine drives out soot, smoke odors and leaves fabrics clean and renewed. Carpets that do not show signs of burn makes or fiber damage can get cleaned using the steam cleaners the techs have access to.

Get the cleanup started as soon as possible after fire damage in your home. SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village at (501) 217-8723 is available 24/7 to come to your property and perform restoration services to make the damage to your house, “Like it never even happened.”

Are There Any Household Items That You Cannot Salvage After My Little Rock Fire Damage?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

A kitchen with fire, smoke, and soot damage. Let SERVPRO assist you through what to keep and not keep after your Little Rock fire damage.

Little Rock Homeowners Should Dispose Of These Three Items After Fire Damage

Residents of Little Rock need to be careful about which items they keep and which they dispose of after a fire. Many items can be preserved with professional help, but some things simply cannot be saved.

Figuring out what to keep and what to toss after fire damage in Little Rock is difficult. The time after such an incident is stressful, and it is only natural for homeowners to feel upset and confused. SERVPRO understands that the sight of one’s belongings blackened by soot is disturbing. 

Which Items Should You Not Try And Salvage After A Fire?

There are three items that you should not attempt to salvage after a fire:

  • Fresh food of any kind that was exposed to the fire – dispose of all fresh food that was within reach of smoke even if it looks ok as soot particles could contaminate it
  • Canned food near the source of the blaze – smoke and toxic chemicals can seep into cans, and high heat from a fire can spoil food
  • Medicines that were near the fire – smoke particles can penetrate medicine packaging and contaminate the contents

What About Everything Else?

Many other household items can be salvaged after a fire if you call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Little Rock / Cammack Village. Whether an item is salvageable depends on the extent of the damage, and it is impossible to say for sure until we have assessed each item individually.

The best way to save your precious belongings after a fire is to call our team as soon as possible. The quicker we can get to your home and assess the situation, the easier it will be for us to clean and salvage your household items.

Can Homeowners Do Anything To Preserve Items After Fire Damage?

We recommend leaving all cleaning activities to the professionals. However, homeowners can take a few small actions to help preserve items after fire damage:

  • Hang any damaged clothing outside on a clothesline so the air can dislodge some of the particles
  • If your sofa and chair cushions are wet from firefighting efforts, you can carefully prop them up so air can circulate
  • Place wooden blocks under furniture legs to prevent rust stains forming on wet carpets
  • Cover soiled items with plastic sheeting to prevent further damage
  • Open windows to encourage airflow

These steps should only be carried out if it is entirely safe for you to do. If in doubt, do not take action, but wait for our team to arrive.

What Can SERVPRO Clean After A Fire?

In many cases, we can clean and restore soft furnishings such as drapes and linen, furniture such as armchairs and tables, and smooth surfaces such as floors and ceilings. In many cases, these items would not be salvageable without using the specialist equipment and cleaning formulas we have at our disposal.

What Cleaning Methods Does SERVPRO Use?

We train our technicians in a wide range of cleaning methods. Here are some examples.

Dry cleaning using feather dusters, cloths, or vacuum cleaners is useful for very light soiling where a simple wipe down is enough to dislodge the soot. Dry cleaning is also a helpful way to loosen up the residue ahead of a more thorough cleaning.

Abrasion means using a more vigorous technique to scrub soot out of a surface. Abrasion often involves abrasive surfaces such as wire wool or a scrubbing pad, with a cleaning solution to provide lubricant and prevent damage to the surface. Our teams can also opt for a cleaning product with abrasive agents.

Wet cleaning is necessary for more deeply embedded dirt. Wet cleaning can be performed with or without chemical cleaning agents, depending on the material and the extent of the damage. 

Spot cleaning is the best technique for soft materials that require something more aggressive than simple dry cleaning, but which might be damaged by soaking. Spot cleaning means using a spray bottle to focus the cleaning solution on specific areas before wiping the solution and the soot away.

Foam cleaning is another technique that is ideal for materials that would not stand up to immersion or soaking. For example, if you have upholstery that might shrink if completely wet, foam cleaning is a less aggressive way to clean it.

We train our fire damage teams to assess each item and choose the safest and most effective cleaning method. That is why calling us is the best choice – working with professionals gives your items the best chance of survival.

If you are worried about fire damage, give SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village a call at (501) 443-1828.

Is Hard Surface Flooring Ruined After Flooding In Little Rock?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

water damage white sofa Floodwaters can cause significant harm to hard surface flooring.

Flood Damage Can Cover Floors in Grime and Debris. SERVPRO Technicians Can Strip Dirty Floors to Remove Dirt, Grime, and Contamination from your Little Rock Home.

When is stripping a floor necessary?
After pumping excess floodwater from your Little Rock home, there may be a significant buildup of contamination that causes unpleasant odors and could be unsanitary. Sometimes lamination or other types of finish can react negatively to water exposure. These can result in a patchy finish that remains even after the floor is clean. SERVPRO technicians aim to return your home to a preloss condition, which may require stripping a hard surface floor, cleaning it thoroughly, then refinishing the affected area to provide a smooth appearance. The process can be time-consuming and is not always necessary. However, when contamination in floodwaters has high acidity levels or chemicals, we may decide to strip the floor to achieve a full restoration.

How can I strip hard surface flooring safely?
When we restore a home from flood damage in the Little Rock area, our priority is on preparation and safety. We may need to temporarily move furniture as well as honing the previous finish using mechanical agitation. Our roto machines can be fitted with a stripping pad attachment to help hone the existing finish. Once clean, we can apply a uniform stripping solution. Since these use powerful abrasive chemicals, it is essential to wear protective equipment over the face and eyes. After rinsing, cleaning, and drying the floor with fresh water, we can apply a neutral cleaning solution to neutralize the stripping agent.

What tips should I use when stripping hard surface floors?
- Ensure that dirty solutions do not dry onto the floor surface
- Remove any excess materials from baseboards or wall corners with a putty knife
- Check to rinse by running a finger along the floor. If there is a white powder, you need to re-rinse

Floodwaters can cause significant harm to hard surface flooring. Contact SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village at (501) 217-8723.

Can I Salvage Everything Inside My Flooded Warehouse and Stock Rooms?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

warehouse Little Rock Businesses Love the Cleanup and Restoration Services Received from SERVPRO--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Commercial Flood Restoration by Our Team at SERVPRO Helps Salvage More of Your Little Rock Business Than DIY Cleanup Alone.

No business owner is ever fully prepared for a natural disaster that brings flood water infiltration. A storm or flood can come on without warning, but SERVPRO springs into action when called to handle whatever emergency your Little Rock commercial space has. We have highly-skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) who understand every minute counts. Our team always works fast to ensure your business never skips a beat.

What Makes SERVPRO the Best Choice?

When you enlist our help for flood restoration in Little Rock, we arrive at your commercial property within hours to start the cleanup. We are here to

  • Understand all Flood Damage Characteristics – We quickly locate flood entry points and start a plan for cleaning up and managing your contents. The root cause is our main focus so that we can mitigate the water damage and salvage everything possible within the flood zone.
  • Address the Job with Precision and Skill – Our extensive training and industrial-grade tools allow us to handle high-volume water situations so that we can manage moisture fast. Contamination control is paramount with a flooding event, so we formulate best practices for water removal followed by restoration or replacement of any unsalvageable building materials.
  • Document Recovery and Content Control – We know how crucial your documents are, which is why we address everything carefully to meticulously inventory and restore whatever possible. Everything is documented for your records and that of your insurance claim to give you peace of mind.
  • Controlled Demolition – Any walls within your warehouses or storage rooms with saturated drywall beyond repair gets addressed with our controlled demolition efforts. We perform flood cuts several inches above the flood line, replace the drywall with brand new materials, and then finish it off with paint to ensure it looks as good as new.

Commercial flood restoration is an area where SERVPRO of Central Little Rock/Cammack Village shines. Call us for emergency response at (501) 217-8723, and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Can My Little Rock Bedroom Be Restored After An Electrical Fire?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire Contact SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village at (501) 217-8723 for expert flood damage service.

SERVPRO Can Provide Restoration for You Home and Contents in Little Rock

Electrical fires account for approximately 51,000 residential fires each. Of those fires, almost 500 people die, there are more than 1,400 injuries and over $1.3 billion in property damage. Many of these fires could be prevented with proper safety measures. If your Little Rock home experienced a fire, our professional technicians know how to mitigate the damage.

Do I Need to Toss My Bedding?

Your bedroom is a place of rest. You have put a good deal of time into decorating it just the way you want for the most comfort. In this case, a young lady decided to plug her phone charger into an extension cord while getting ready for bed. She tossed her phone on the bed. The end of the extension cord that the charger was plugged into also landed on the bed. Five minutes later, she smelled smoke. The extension cord had exposed wires near the plug. This resulted in her comforter catching on fire. Thankfully she was right there, and the fire damage in her Little Rock home was contained.

The comforter was a favorite. Because it ignited and left burnt spots, it most likely would need to be replaced. If it held special memories, it might be possible to clean it and have it patched by a seamstress. The sheets and pillowcases were not burnt and suffered minimal smoke damage. Clothing in the room had minor smoke film. SERVPRO’s content restoration team takes the following steps to clean clothing and linens:
•    Remove clothes from metal hangers immediately to oxidization on the items. If a room is safe to enter, owners can do this right away too.
•    Remove dry loose residue with compressed air. Blowing out the garments helps remove odor molecules and smoke particles.
•    Use a solvent-based spray odor counteractant. This counteracts the effects of the smoke odor.
•    Thermal fogging is an option for deodorization if laundering or dry cleaning is not enough to get rid of smoke smells.

What About My Mattress & Box Springs?

The good news is when the fire is minor, often the sides of the box springs are what is exposed to heavy smoke. The rest, including the mattress, is covered by blanks, comforters, and quilts. Ticking can occur when residues settle in the fabric coverings of the mattress and box springs. SERVPRO is often able to use the hot water extraction method used for upholstery to clean these two items. Keep in mind; this process does not make it “like new.” Any stain or pre-existing problems may not be removed.

The Area Rug Under My Bed Was Expensive – Can It Be Restored?

Carpets and rugs can typically be restored depending on the extent of the fire or water damage. When there is fire damage to any carpet and rug, our technicians check for:
    •    Test the fibers for shrinkage
    •    Test for colorfastness
    •    Test for water damage or charring

In this situation, there was no charring or water damage.  There is a possibility of chemicals from the fire extinguisher landing on the rug. Once the techs know what type of material they are dealing with, they can then proceed to steam clean the rug. If needed, it can be removed to the warehouse for in-plant cleaning and restoration.

The Whole House Smells Like Smoke

Smoke residues spread quickly through a home, even into areas unaffected by the fire itself. It can spread through the HVAC system as well. If a fire happens in the home, opening the windows quickly can help dissipate some of the smoke and soot. But to completely get rid of the odor, you want professional help. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) use a variety of products to remove the nasty smells caused by smoke.

Ozone generators destroy odors through an oxidation process. Electronic filters, air scrubbers, and ventilation fans help purify the air. We use several cleaning products to bring about various deodorizing actions. These include odor counteracting beads, deodorant granules or pellets, water-based counteractant, and thermal fogging. These are used in the proper combination to provide the best deodorizing techniques for your situation.

Quality Fire Damage Restoration You Can Trust

SERVPRO was able to restore this bedroom and deodorize the home. The results were, “Like it never even happened.” Fire is not something you want to have to experience. Even small contained fires like this one cause damage and interrupt your daily life. We provide quality fire damage restoration that gives you back your home as quickly as possible.

We understand it isn’t the size of the disaster but the response and care given to the situation. That is why our Green Team is available 4/7, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Problems like this don’t take a holiday, and neither do we.

Contact SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village at (501) 217-8723 for expert flood damage service.

My Tax Prep Office in Little Rock Smells Like Smoke After a Fire – How Can I Fix It?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

fire isolated over black background Commercial fire damage is one of the many areas that we shine here at SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village.

SERVPRO Can Handle Smoke and Fire Damage to Ensure No Smells Linger in Your Little Rock Office Space

Fire brings on severe issues throughout your commercial space, but lingering smoke odors can make the atmosphere intolerable for your employees and customers. Deodorization is critical in the restoration process, which SERVPRO handles with advanced technology and products. Restoring your Little Rock business to eliminate the foul smells after the fire will be one of our main priorities.

How are Fire Odors Handled?

Any property that has been through fire damage in Little Rock will have soot and smoke odors that linger. We have fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) that follow proven protocols to clean your business. This includes pinpointing the source of the smells and then cleaning to remove odors. Whenever odorous soot and smoke get left behind, it can cause:

• Damage to items within your office
• Increased health concerns
• Compromised air quality
• Render the office unusable until thoroughly cleaned

When you contact us at SERVPRO to address the fire loss in your business, our IICRC-certified team follows basic guidelines for treating the interior, including:

• Odor source removal – This could include burned building materials or furnishings, or charred wood. We safely remove and dispose of any fire-damaged materials.
• Surface cleaning – We have various methods and tools to help with soot and smoke deposits on multiple surfaces. Everything is cleaned and then sanitized. In many situations, specific measures like vapor odor control, thermal fogging equipment, or chemical containment might be used.
• Sealants – Sealing surfaces to inhibit odors is sometimes necessary, which can be used on walls or ductwork.

Commercial fire damage is one of the many areas that we shine here at SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village. To have a team deployed to your tax office for emergency restoration, call us at (501) 217-8723.

How Do I Get Floodwater from the Last Storm Out of My Little Rock House?

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

interior of the house flooded with water To learn more about restoring your home after a flood, call SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village at (501) 217-8723.

Have SERVPRO Eliminate Floodwater from Your Little Rock Home

Images of floodwater rushing through a neighbor make every Little Rock homeowner nervous. It doesn’t take a foot of water, though; just an inch or two can ruin floors and walls to the point where it can mean thousands of dollars in replacement costs in a very short time.

How Can SERVPRO Prevent That?

When it comes to flood damage in Little Rock, our technicians know that getting the water out quickly is the only way to slow on-going damage and eliminate more in the future. To start the process, our on-site team leader quickly determines the type of equipment needed and brings out a set of pumps or other water extractors to draw the majority of the flooding out of your home.

What About the Dirt and Other Trash in the Water?

We can usually remove that with the floodwater. In cases where the water has mostly receded already, team members can use commercial vacuums to remove most of the dirt and debris. In tight places like closets, they use shovels and other hand tools for removal. After they complete the task, other team members use our inventory of cleaning agents to clean every surface affected by the floodwater. These include disinfectants, sanitizers, and anti-microbial agents to eliminate each possible health threat in the floodwater.

How Long Does It Take for the Odors to Fade?

If there is a large group of malodor particles, the answer is they never go away. The cleaning agents SERVPRO uses to eliminate health threats also work well on destroying these malodors. If odors persist in your home, our technicians can use an ozone generator, which generates a cloud of particles that can penetrate each surface as deeply as the malodors to break them down completely.

To learn more about restoring your home after a flood, call SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village at (501) 217-8723. We are here for you.

How Can I Remove Water From My Home After A Serious Faucet Leak?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Leaking Faucet SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a water catastrophe. Give us a call right away.

SERVPRO Teams Can Quickly Act to Dry Your House.

A leaky faucet might not seem like a big deal until it results in severe flooding in your Little Rock home. Without prompt mitigation, water can seep into the floors and your home, damaging carpeting and creating an environment suitable for mold growth. 

What Are The First Steps In Water Removal?

When SERVPRO teams arrive at your home, they can immediately begin assessing and recording the extent of the flooding and damage inside your Little Rock home. Once we have accurately assessed the situation, we can start drying. Our technicians accomplish water removal in Little Rock homes by utilizing:

Portable extractors to efficiently pump large amounts of water from your home. 

Truck-mounted extractors in severe cases where portable extractors will not suffice. 

Carpet wands to remove water from your carpeting. Our extractors can cause damage to carpets, so SERVPRO technicians can use wands to carefully dry your home.

The Water Seeped Into My Carpeting, Can SERVPRO Help?

Once SERVPRO teams have cleared the water from your home, they can begin the carpet drying process. Our technicians can use carpet removal tools to strip waterlogged sections of your carpet. We can then dry and replace these sections on top of replacement pads. But if the carpet in your home:

-Has had less than 72 hrs of water exposure.

-Does not have mold or biological contamination.

-Is on structurally sound subflooring.

Then we can dry your carpeting in-place without needing to remove the carpeting or replace the pad. While in-place drying takes 2-3 times longer than regular drying, it can remove the stress of having to find and replace the pad for your carpet.

If you are in urgent need of water removal, then call SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village. Our teams are available 24/7, so call (501) 217-8723 to make it "Like it never even happened."

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What Cleaning and Restoration Must Occur After a Fire Loss in Your Little Rock Office?

6/19/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Of Fire Burning Inside The Office Cabin After a fire in your office building, it is vital to get cleaning and restoration started as soon as possible.

Fire Loss in Little Rock

Varying levels of cleaning and recovery are needed after a fire, and our SERVPRO team can help.

Cleaning is a vital element to every loss incident that our SERVPRO team helps to restore in Little Rock businesses. When a fire affects your office, there can be multiple layers of attention that the property needs to look like it should. With our commitment that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, we can reach disasters whenever they occur to begin vital mitigation efforts.

From a need for deodorization and soot removal to cleaning up after water damages extinguishment can cause, fire damage in your Little Rock office building can take many forms. Because cleaning is a common thread to all of the restoration work that we do, our cleaning technicians are among the most well trained and versatile of our entire roster. From the emergency services and immediate attention through cleaning tasks to improve the look and feel of your business, our professionals can help.

What Immediate Cleaning Needs Does the Office Have?

You might not realize it, but some of the initial conditions that your property faces after a fire loss and extinguishment can be very damaging to the structure. Fire suppressant residues can be a widespread threat that coats the surfaces of many desks, cubicle walls, and the carpeted floors. Addressing some of the immediate concerns can limit a greater need for tear-out and reconstruction moving forward. Some of these pressing concerns include:

    •    Suppressant Residues
    •    Water Cleanup
    •    Fire Debris Removal

What is the Best Way to Clean Soot-Covered Surfaces?

Soot can be one of the most considerable obstacles that our technicians face after a fire loss emergency. With the microscopic, carcinogenic particles circulating in the environment, reducing the presence of this health hazard might be a challenge. While air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators can run air through a HEPA filtration system to capture some of these particles, soot residues on structural surfaces and contents can be a more substantial challenge. Some of the techniques to address this type of loss effect include:

Abrasive Cleaning – Many cleaning techniques fall under this category, from steel wool scrubbing to dry vacuuming. Removing as much of the buildup of soot particles on the surface can reduce the possibility of smearing and staining.

Soda Blasting – With highly pressurized blasting with softer media like baking soda, we can neutralize many of the threats that exist on soot-damaged surfaces. This approach is specifically designed to remove surface residues without damaging the material substrate underneath. An advantage of this cleaning approach is that this soda blasting process can also noticeably reduce the presence of trapped odors.

Water-Based Solvents – Not all of the cleaning products that we have in our line of EPA-Approved cleansers can do anything against formidable soot damages. Water-based solvents can help in situations where greasy residues and thick soot layers exist.

How Can SERVPRO Make the Office Feel Normal After a Fire?

We know that initially, it might feel like making the office look the way it used to after a structure fire is an uphill battle. There might be multiple stages to this recovery, but we have experienced cleaning technicians that can help to recover each of the affected areas and materials in their appropriate time. We can even follow up after reconstruction efforts with a final cleaning that genuinely makes the fire loss “Like it never even happened.” Some of the steps we can take to return your office to its original state include:

Carpet Cleaning – Short pile carpeting is a standard installation in high traffic areas throughout your office. With hot water extraction and deluxe cleaning approaches, our SERVPRO team can often remove fire effects, eliminate soiling, and improve the flooring's vibrancy.

Deodorization – Odors can be a widespread challenge after a structure fire, and this situation could be made worse by porous material trapping odors. We have several practical solutions to combat these conditions, including thermal fogging. This approach produces a vaporous fog that can penetrate porous materials and neutralize trapped odors.

Content Management – Your furniture, fixtures, and other contents can be directly in harm's way after a fire loss. While several of these items can get restored on-site with surface cleaning, deodorization, and drying techniques, in more extreme situations, we can relocate contents to our SERVPRO facility for focused cleaning and attention.

After a fire in your office building, it is vital to get cleaning and restoration started as soon as possible. Contact our SERVPRO of Central Little Rock / Cammack Village team. It is our business to get you back in business, and you can reach us 24/7 at (501) 217-8723.