Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Cammack Village Flood Damage Recovery

The all too common flooding in our area of Louisiana includes Cammack Village. Our SERVPRO production manager and crew can not only remove the contaminated non-... READ MORE

Wind Storm in Little Rock

Not all storms are drenching rain events; some can be straight-line microbursts of wind that are like a miniature tornado. If a home in the Little Rock area get... READ MORE

Rain and Storm Damage in Cammack Village

When the gutters could not contain the torrential rains from a storm front, the water flowed into the structure. At least the water was not filthy with contamin... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Finished Basement in Little Rock

Flooding in Little Rock lower levels of houses is an all too common event. This finished basement, converted into a rec area for the family, wicked up groundwat... READ MORE

Floor Damage from a Storm in Little Rock

The storm that flashed through this area of Little Rock sent water into this section of the home. To quickly control the storm damage wise homeowners call in SE... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Torrential rain and storms came through and caused tremendous damage throughout the area. This home was caught in the bad weather and had a tree go through the ... READ MORE